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Finally, a Blog Update?

As busy as shooting Winter and Spring sports were this year, I never really got back to blogging as planned.. now that it’s July, I guess it’s more than just an update, instead a renewal of the commitment of continuing to be the guy that hears “You’re Everywhere” from parents, coaches and athletes, alike.

Much of this summer has been spent covering some of the Duluth Huskies games, and local summer softball teams, with a bit of dirt track racing in Proctor, as well as Spring Fever Days in Barnum thrown in.  Tomorrow (Sunday, July 23) I’ll be covering the Cloquet VFW baseball team’s district playoff game at Mettner Field for the Pine Journal. 

I’m the upcoming weeks I’ll be at Carlton Daze, Brickyard Days, and all 4+1/2 days of the Carlton County Fair (as usual.)  I’ll still get a few more Huskies games in, and other random happenings right up until the fall sports seasons get underway the week after the Fair, though I’ll probably be at a few practices prior to the Fair, also.

The plan for the blog is to at least have an entry each week, either detailing the previous week or updating the plans for the next week, or both if I know where I’ll be ahead of time. 

I will be continuing the $100 deal from the 2016-17 school year as well.  All photos of a high school athlete, from any sports for the season, will be available in high-resolution digital format, at $10 apiece up to 10 photos, with a cap of $100 and any additional photos will be included as well.  An additional $10 is needed for a flash drive and postage to mail the flash drive, but I can also do Google Drive folders for people, and you download the photos from there and buy your own flash drive.  This also includes a required photo release, or local printers won’t allow photos to be printed.

Photo prints will ALWAYS be available from me through my Smugmug store … the print quality from the print shop is much better than can be done at Walmart or Walgrens, the digital version above just allows you to use the photos how you want.

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